Naomi and Daniel’s Marquee Wedding in Nottinghamshire

Here are some of my favourite images from Naomi and Daniel’s Nottinghamshire marquee wedding.This is one of a several weddings I’ve photographed this year where it was evident that the presence of God in their marriage was hugely important to them. Having a church ceremony was not just about having a traditional wedding, but showing that their faith in God is what has brought them together and their faith is going to guide them in the future.

One of the things that sticks in my mind from this day was during one of the vicars sermons. “Marriage is not for life”.

An odd thing to say, especially for a member of the clergy. The church was quiet as everybody pondered on his comment and anticipated the explanation. “Marriage is not for life, it goes far past that, it is for an eternity”.

The gravity of what he said and his explanation of how the bond between husband, wife and God goes past death, again made the church go quiet in thought. I think this was one of the defining moments of their wedding day and is likely to stay with Naomi and Daniel, their family and friends forever.

Naomi is currently living in Ireland, but moved back to her parents house in Tuxford, Nottinghamshire during the weekend of her wedding. I met her there with her family and four bridesmaids before moving on to the Church to meet up with Daniel and his brother and Best Man Jonny. The ceremony was held at St. Nicholas and lead by three Vicars from different churches, one of which was Daniel’s Step Dad, Stephen.

The wedding party then headed back to the marquee at the family home where Naomi and Daniel were led by a Piper, where they then had a further blessing.