Image of the week | Week 7

With today being Halloween I thought it’d be a good time to dig up this crazy image from Winnie and Xinhai’s wedding at Blackbrook House for this week’s image. 

This moment was during the Chinese Wedding Door Games, a traditional custom in Chinese weddings where the Groom and his Groomsmen complete various challenges so that the Groom can prove his love for his Bride.

Winnie’s Bridesmaids set some hilarious challenges including this one where Xinhai and his Groomsmen had to answer complex mathematical questions whilst navigating up the stairs at Blackbrook House with their heads tied together with tights. Some pretty scary faces were made.

You can see more of Winnie and Xinhai’s Chinese Wedding at Blackbrook House within the galleries.

Sarah and Stuart’s Wedding at Shottle Hall

Sarah is a lucky lady. Not only does she have a handsome husband who is an exceptionally good cook, but also a husband who has access to well stocked bar. Everything she needs to be wined and dined, what more could a lady ask for.

Hospitality is something that comes naturally for Sarah and Stuart, displaying this regularly as Landlady, Landlord and Head Chef of The Cross Keys at Turnditch in Derbyshire. This hospitality coupled with fine dining was a key ingredient on their wedding day, when following a ceremony at Shottle Hall they treated their guests to an exquisite menu created by Stuart and prepared by his team of Chefs.

The day started just a few minutes down the road with Sarah and her Bridesmaids getting ready at Blackbrook Lodge before setting off for a Gazebo ceremony at Shottle Hall.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from Sarah and Stuarts wedding.

Image of the week | Week 6

This week’s Image of the week is from Kim and Troy’s wedding at The Hilton Birmingham Metropole.

When photographing this bouquet being thrown I chose to stand in front and close to the ladies, which is probably more of a difficult choice because you’re waiting for the bouquet to be tossed from a blind spot and over my shoulder and I could end up with a bouquet to the back of the head. I got a real sense of competitiveness from the ladies and was anticipating a bit of a ruckus!

They didn’t let me down and the bouquet barely survived intact. What makes this image one of my favourite moments is the only other lady at the wedding other than the bride wearing white, making an athletic dash across the font to beat her competition. 

Rebecca and Sam’s Wedding at Tuxford Windmill

If you’re looking to find another wedding at Tuxford Windmill then expect to see limited search results. Rebecca and Sam’s unique choice of wedding venue means that they are the first couple to hold their wedding at Tuxford Windmill. This great choice of wedding venue helped add to a memorable day.

Returning to the village of East Markham in Nottinghamshire where she grew up, Rebecca and her bridesmaids prepared for the big day at her mothers home before taking a short walk to the parish church. Their travel arrangements after this was to be a little more agricultural with a Tractor being an ideal choice to take Rebecca and Sam over to their Marquee wedding reception at Nottinghamshire’s only fully working flour windmill.

Under clear blue skies everybody was treated to champagne and strawberries before sitting down to enjoy dinner, which included fresh bread that was made using Tuxford Windmill’s very own flour and other locally sourced ingredients.

The first dance signified the start to the evening celebrations and I stayed to photograph the dance floor dwellers and their friends and family who had travelled from far and wide. Here are a few of my favourite images from Rebecca and Sam’s wedding at Tuxford Windmill.

Image of the week | Week 5

This moment from Rachel and Alex’s Catholic wedding ceremony is this week’s Image of the week. 

There are so many elements to a wedding, from the dress to the venue; all of these details are important in providing a unique style and atmosphere to a wedding. The wedding ceremony however is the single event that signifies the start of a marriage and the commitment a couple have to each other for the rest of their lives.

When shooting religious ceremonies I always appreciate capturing all the symbolism and creating powerful images that express the couple’s faith and the importance this has on their lives and their marriage.

You can see more of Rachel and Alex’s Catholic wedding ceremony followed by their wedding reception at Packington Moor within the gallery.