Image of the week | Week 15

This week’s Image of the week is the third installment and conclusion to the ‘feel good’ theme and it comes from Abi and Paul’s wedding at Donington Park Farmhouse.

When Chloe and I got married the first dance was one of the only parts of the day where I was nervous, with not being used to having the whole dance floor to myself with a crowd of onlookers. However despite the nerves it was also one of the most enjoyable parts of our wedding. A three-minute song can feel close to an eternity and it was wonderful to get caught up in the moment and take some time away from being the hosts.

It’s for these reasons why I always look forward to photographing the first dance.  In those precious few moments it’s great to witness the emotions between the Bride and Groom, the happy faces of their guests and also anticipate the unexpected twirl or adventurous choreography. There’s always something very cinematic about the first dance and how you can feel how it’s the climax to a great day and this moment between Abi and Paul was no exception to this.

Happy Christmas

It’s a great time of the year and I want to say a big Happy Christmas to all of my couples, suppliers, friends, family and past, present and future clients.

It has also been great to work with one of my previous Brides, Laura from Roleymole Design who applied her limitless creativity to design and print the Shaun Taylor Photography 2013 Christmas Cards.

I hope you all enjoy the festive season and have a fantastic start to 2014.

Merry Christmas


1 Year On | Liz and Adrian’s Christmas Wedding at Makeney Hall

A very Happy Anniversary to Liz and Adrian who enjoyed a wonderful Christmas wedding at Makeney Hall one year ago today. Photographing their festive celebrations with their friends and family was a great way to finish off my 2012 weddings before flying off to New York to shoot a Destination Wedding.

You can see more of Liz and Adrian’s Makeney Hall Christmas wedding in the gallery.

Image of the week | Week 14

Handing over from last week’s feel good moment between Bride and Father to this weeks moment between Bride and Groom, Kim and Chris for today’s Image of the week.

Kim and Chris chose this moment from their first dance as one of the feature images when we were designing their wedding album. What a great choice! 

When I was growing up, mostly on birthdays and at Christmas my parents would get the photo albums out so that the whole family could flick through them. Admittedly sometimes it could be a little embarrassing as the albums provided plenty of evidence of all the bad hairstyles and outfits. What I loved about it though is how the photographs inspired dialogue.  It’s impossible to not get involved, everybody had something to say, whether it be a comment on the bad fashion or to provide some context and add to the story. It was always enjoyable and that’s part of the beauty of photography.

I can’t tell you what both Kim and Chris were feeling or thinking at this moment, looking at the embrace I’m confident that it’s definitely a ‘feel good moment’. What is great is that I know that there’s going to be times where they get their album out, sit down with their family and this image is going to spark some conversations and Kim and Chris will be able to relive the moment and share it with their loved ones.

Image of the week | Week 13

The Advent Calendars are half full, the decorations are up, the Christmas shopping is in full swing and the increase of naughty treats is starting to cause an unsettling shift in the food group balance. In the words of Andy Williams, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. He wasn’t wrong! 

On Sunday afternoons like many who appreciate this festive time of the year you’ll likely find me snuggled up on the sofa with my loved ones watching the greatest Christmas movies. There’s too many to mention and definitely too many to get through before we hit the big 25, but we’ll sure give it a good try.

When I sit back and think what is it that makes these Christmas movies so great, there’s one simple thing that have in common, they’re full of great moments giving you the ‘feel good factor’. That there provides the link to my Image of the week posts. On the last few weeks on the run up to Christmas, my Image of the Weeks are going to be simply sharing ‘feel good moments’. Starting with this image from Emma and Phil’s wedding at Masa.

This is one of my favourite moments that was captured towards the end of Emma and Phil’s summer wedding at Masa. Caught up in the celebrations and excitement of the day, a big loving hug between Father and Daughter.

The relationship between Father and Daughter is one of the most intimate stories to be told. It’s not just about their relationship and duties on the wedding day, but the accumulation of all the years leading up to this one special day. Being there to photograph feel good moments like these is one of the most rewarding parts of being a wedding photographer.