Image of the week | Week 20

Sharing this moment from Winnie and Xinhai’s Chinese wedding at Blackbrook House was the perfect fit for this week’s image, as millions of people today will be welcoming the year of the horse as they celebrate the Chinese New Year.

Following an energetic morning filled with Chinese wedding door games and very emotional ceremonies and speeches, Xinhai’s best man from introduced the lively and extremely interesting Singaporean way of toasting known as Yum Seng. A truly remarkable day of celebrations, that made for some great moments to be captured.

You can see more of Winnie and Xinhai’s Chinese wedding at Blackbrook House here.

Kate and Scott’s Woodborough Hall Wedding Previews

There’s no better way to start the week than sharing some previews from Kate and Scott’s winter wedding at Woodborough Hall in Nottinghamshire.

Kate and Scott are a fantastic couple and it was great to be able to photograph their celebrations with their friends and family, with two little Flower Girls appearing in a few of my favourite moments.

Kate’s Mum’s home in Nottingham is where my day began, photographing the busy preparations of Kate and her four Bridesmaids, three of which are Kate’s sisters.

Kate and Scott had a Catholic wedding ceremony at their Church in Nottingham before continuing their celebrations with some good food, plenty of drink and dancing at Woodborough Hall.

Congratulations Kate and Scott.

Image of the week | Week 19

The Brides preparation has always been one of my favourite parts of the wedding day. It’s a real melting pop of emotions and that always makes for great photos. The nerves and excitement, the laughter and the tears are the perfect way to start the story and set the scene for the rest of the day.

This image from Naomi and Ash’s wedding is one of my favourite images taken during Naomi’s and her Bridesmaids preparations. They’ve been friends for most of their lives and the atmosphere and banter in the morning was great and this moment captured that perfectly.

Image of the week | Week 18

Very excited to be getting back into the swing of things next weekend with the wedding of Kate and Scott at Woodborough Hall, and more than likely I’ll be sharing a few previews of what’s going to be an amazing day. In the meantime, it’s a pleasure to be able to look through the portfolio and pick out beautiful moments like this first dance.

It was a moment where a few elements came together, the smoke, the lights from the videographers and the part we were all anticipating… the kiss. It all became a little magical.

Woodborough Hall Wedding Photography

Two weeks today I’ll be heading back over to Nottinghamshire’s Woodborough Hall to photograph the wedding of Kate and Scott.

My first time photographing a wedding at Woodborough Hall was fantastic, having the opportunity to capture the high tempo celebrations of Ellie and Lee.

Knowing that Woodborough Hall are renowned for offering an outstanding wedding and hospitality service including mouth watering food superbly prepared by the previous Royal Family Chef, it’s no surprise that I’m anticipating an excellent day for both Katie, Scott and their guests.

Here are a handful of my favourite images from my last wedding at Woodborough Hall.