Image of the week | Week 24

During most wedding days I primarily follow the story of the Bride as she prepares for her big day. Sometimes timings and locations allow me the pleasure of also photographing the Groom prior to the ceremony.

This image of the two Groomsmen during Fay and Dan’s Destination Wedding in New York City was one of my favourite images whilst photographing Dan’s preparations at The Waldorf Astoria.

I love the personality that comes through whilst the Groom’s brother is perfecting his bow tie with a little help from the Best Man. Groom’s in Tuxedo’s is such a classic and timeless look, particularly in such a grand setting. So it was an easy choice for me to share this moment in black and white.

You can see more of Fay and Dan’s winter wedding in New York City here.

Image of the week | Week 23

This week I’m sharing one of my favourite images of Ruth as she prepared for her autumn wedding in Yorkshire.

A Bride’s preparations can often be one of the busiest parts of the day. Surrounded by their friends, family and the stylists that beautify them, normally means there’s going to be an energetic atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for great photos.  Whilst doing this I’m always on the look out to capture those more intimate moments that help to creatively tell the story of the day and make great additions to the wedding album.

Image of the week | Week 22

There’s going to be plenty of love in the air as today as we celebrate Valentine’s Day and express our love for those dearest to us.

I’ve got hundreds of moments from weddings that would be a perfect fit for this week’s image so it was very difficult to narrow it down to just the one. However I have chosen this beautiful moment from Sarah and Stuart’s wedding as my valentine favourite.

This is one of my favourite wedding portraits I’ve taken, purely because of the love and passion between Sarah and Stuart. So when looking through their images after their wedding it was one that I couldn’t wait to share with them and it’s still an image that gets plenty of attention when meeting new clients.

Good luck to all of you that are planning great romantic gestures today and I hope all your Valentine’s Day celebrations go perfectly.

Image of the week | Week 21

This week I was proud to be able to send a stunning wedding album to Sally and Richard that beautifully told the story of their wedding at Hassop Hall

Whilst doing my quality checks of their album before making arrangements to send it to its new home, I couldn’t help but appreciate seeing my photography printed in a gorgeous wedding album. However, more so that Sally and Richard had so much love for their wedding photography that they had picked so many great moments to be included in the design. This moment in particular of Sally’s Bridesmaids captured demonstrating the hazards of new shoes was a fantastic addition to a perfect wedding album.

I was so happy when I received an email from Sally and Richard within an hour after their album had been delivered, telling me that they love their beautiful album.