Image of the week | Week 63

On day a filled with outrageous footage of shoppers stripping the shop shelves of Black Friday products I thought I’d share an image from one of the craziest starts to a wedding I have ever witnessed.

The staff at Blackbrook House must have thought they too were in the thick of Black Friday sales when the wedding party came crashing through the doors during the wedding door games of Winnie and Xinhai’s Chinese wedding

With the groomsmen donning stockings over their heads, any concerns of this are understandably justified.

You can see more of Winnie and Xinhai’s Chinese wedding at Blackbrook House in the galleries.

Kirran and Rob’s Fusion Wedding Part 2

As promised, today we conclude the Fusion Wedding of Kirran and Rob with images from their wedding reception at Kelham Hall. 

Having travelled from RAF Cranwell in Lincolnshire, the wedding continued in Nottinghamshire at Kelham Hall where Kirran prepared for the next part of the celebrations.

The horsepower for Rob’s Baraat was uniquely different to the traditional with Rob opting for his Dad’s Kit car, accompanied by his family dancing to the beat of The Band of The Royal Air Force.

Following the Milni and a few stolen moments for portraits the two families celebrated in the beautiful ambient styled Kelham Hall. 

Needless to say I was with them late into the reception to photograph the creatively choreographed first dance followed by a sea of hands reaching for the vibrant domed ceiling of Kelham Hall.

Part 1 Kirran and Rob’s Fusion Wedding can be seen here and you can also see the full collection on my Facebook page.

Kirran and Rob’s Fusion Wedding Part 1

A ‘Fusion Wedding’ wasn’t a term that I was familiar with until I came across the term when I was getting ready to post the previews of Kirran and Rob’s RAF Cranwell and Kelham Hall wedding.

So for those of you whose curiosity got the better of you when you read the title to this blog post, a ‘Fusion Wedding’ is where diverse couples, with mixed cultures or religions take elements from their traditional wedding customs and ‘fuse’ them together to make (especially in this instance) one amazing wedding.

So for Kirran and Rob, not only did they combine both their Sikh and Christian faiths but they also included iconic parts of military weddings and as you’ll see it really was a feast for the eyes.

So with numerous ceremonies and customs, covering two counties and several venues the only way to do Kirran and Rob’s wedding justice is over a two-part post over the next two days.

The wedding rituals began with the Anand Karaj at Kirran’s family Gurdwara in Nottingham on Friday followed by a military wedding at RAF Cranwell on the following day.

Here are a few of my favourite moments that will be continued in part two tomorrow. You’ll also be able to see the full collection on my Facebook page.

Image of the week | Week 62

Continuing with the Black and White photography theme, this week’s image is from Mihir and Callum’s wedding at Heathy Lea that was recently posted to my blog.

Such a great wedding to photography, with plenty of moments to capture, however this one of the fathers of both Grooms embracing Callum is a clear favourite of mine.

You can see more of Mihir and Callum’s Heathy Lea wedding within the galleries.

Image of the week | Week 61

Recently I was nominated for the 5 day Black and White photography challenge that you may have seen circulating around Facebook.

The idea is simple, to post your favourite 5 Black and White images over 5 consecutive days.

Whilst browsing through my wedding photography library this is one that I instantly stopped me in my tracks. A bit different to the usual wedding images posted. No Bride, no Groom, just a crew of Groomsmen recovering the last night of celebrations before the big day.

This image was taken during Natalie and Eli’s Jewish Wedding in Houston, Texas.