Rebecca and Chris’ Carriage Hall Wedding Previews

Earlier on this week on my Facebook page I promised to share a few more images from Rebecca and Chris’ wedding at The Carriage Hall. So I had the pleasure to send these previews over to them whilst they sipped wine in the South of France and now keeping to my word I’m sharing them with you.

A great way to see in a Bank Holiday weekend and I’m pretty sure all of those that were part of it would agree.

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Becky and Matt’s Engagement Shoot Preview

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with Becky and Matt creating some stunning portraits whilst on their Engagement Shoot. With all three of us being very busy people it’s been an event that has been rescheduled plenty of times since we first met in spring 2014. Finally we got it done and here’s just a little preview of what went down.

As usual you can also see my shoots on my Facebook page.

Jennifer and Peter’s Callow Hall Wedding Previews

It’s a one week anniversary preview today as I share some moments from Jennifer and Peter’s wedding at Callow Hall.

Having kept their eyes firmly on the forecast on the run up to the weekend, Jennifer and Peter were nothing short of thrilled to be able to have the outdoor ceremony they had been planning in Callow Hall’s secret garden.

Maybe not too much of a secret as Jennifer and Peter’s friends and family were perfectly placed to play witness to the beautiful ceremony and then continued their celebrations into the evening.

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