Nicola and Lee’s Enchanted Woodland Wedding Previews

When I first met Nicola and Lee over a year ago they told me how they had envisioned their wedding at Upper House in Hayfield. Inspired by Nicola’s favourite fantasy books they dreamt of turning Upper House into an enchanted woodland, transporting their guests from the beautiful scenery of Kinder Scout to a setting that Tolkien, Lewis and Martin would have been proud of.

The expertise of Mat Hepplestone from Red Floral Architecture made their vision a reality with the floral designs in the Great Hall exceeding Nicola and Lee’s wildest dreams and leaving their friends and family in awe.

Such a day couldn’t have happened to a lovelier couple and it was great to work with the fantastic wedding suppliers Flossy & Leigh, Eleventh Heaven and Ava Rose Hamilton.

Here’s a few previews of Nicola and Lee’s amazing day at Upper House in Hayfield which you can also see on my Facebook page.