Emma and Matt’s Masa Wedding

A lot of people would grimace at the thought of downing a tequila shot, regurgitating cloudy memories of times spent under the influence of such a small but mighty thing. For Emma and Matt though, tequila is where their story started and is partly responsible for who and where they are today, a cool couple with a beautiful little family, so it was fitting to see them pay tribute to their tiny little Mexican friend at their Masa wedding.

With an opening paragraph like that you’ll not be surprised to hear that Emma and Matt opted to keep the formalities to a minimum and planned for a laid back afternoon at Masa.

Here are a few of my favourite moments of which you can also see on my Facebook page.

Becky and Matt’s Engagement Shoot

Get used to seeing some amazing images of this fantastic couple as in just over two weeks Becky and Matt will be getting married at Kelham Hall in Nottinghamshire. So what better way to start the celebrations than a few favourites from their Engagement Shoot.

With Becky supplying me with a small stash of her famous Oreo cupcakes, it was a good job we took the opportunity to take a walk around the Chatsworth Estate to burn off some calories in preparation for the indulging.

Between wedding, concert and gym talk we stumbled across some hidden gems and put the icing on the cake with a few portraits. Shameful pun!


Two weeks can’t come fast enough but to fill the time here’s a few from their Engagement Shoot that you can also see on my Facebook page.