Jade and Steve’s Ibiza Destination Wedding

Dancing to the sounds of Spanish guitar under a beautiful Ibiza sunset on a roof terrace previously graced by Bette Davis and Maurice Chevalier has probably got to be one of the most surreal ways to start your married life and that’s exactly what Jade and Steve experienced during their Ibiza Destination Wedding at Whitecaps Villa.

Jade and Steve’s destination wedding celebrations started to heat up the evening before their wedding with drinks and entertainment in Es Canar to welcome their friends and family to the island. Sensible heads were clear ones in the morning of the wedding with most having a respectable bed time the night before ready for an evening wedding ceremony at Whitecaps Villa that would likely go on into the small hours.

Here a my favourite moments from Jade and Steve’s Ibiza Destination Wedding of which you can also see and share on my Facebook page.

Sian and Mike’s Wedding at Damson MediaCityUK

When a Liverpudlian Bride and a Mancunian Groom get married it’s definitely a wedding day where you could expect music to be high up on the agenda. For Sian and Mike this was definitely the case and then with a healthy portion of great food and an appreciation for fashion their wedding at Damson in Manchester’s MediaCityUK was a brilliant occasion to photograph.

Having already completed the legal part of their marriage in Manchester the day before, friends and family poured into MediaCityUK from around the North West for Sian and Mike’s Sunday blessing at Damson Restaurant.

Even with Monday morning just a few hours away there were no excuses being made and the celebrations went on late into the night. Here are a few of my favourite moments from Sian and Mike’s Damson Restaurant MediaCityUK wedding of which you can also see and share on my Facebook page.

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Stacey and Ian’s Marquee Wedding in Repton

It was a wedding day that ended in stunning sunsets over Repton in Derbyshire where Stacey and Ian celebrated with their friends and family during a marquee wedding on their family land.

Family flew in from Italy to the charming village in South Derbyshire and enjoyed a beautiful ceremony at St. Wystan’s before continuing the celebrations just a walking distance away on Stacey’s grandparents land.

I started my day with Stacey and her Bridesmaids at her home in Repton. Here are a few of my favourite moments of which you can also see and share on my Facebook page.

Kate and Sean’s Derbyshire Wedding

What a great couple to be around! Both Kate and Sean have got a wicked sense of humor, Sean’s is a little bit on the cheeky side and that’s something that I definitely enjoyed photographing during their wedding at The White Hart in Derbyshire, especially when it came to photographing their portraits. There was rarely a moment without smiles.

In the morning Kate was well looked after by her army of bridesmaids, the sound of laughter easily drowning out my knocking at the door. After plenty of Prosecco and Polaroids it was soon time to get to the church for the wedding ceremony.

There were no signs of those smiles fading and the wedding party and guests watched on as Kate and Sean exchanged vows before continuing their wedding day at The White Hart.

As usual here are a few of my favourites that you can also see and share on my Facebook page.

Liz and Aiden’s Dovecliff Hall Hotel Wedding

On arrival at their home in Derby I discovered four important facts about Aiden; he enjoys a full English breakfast, music, photography and fashion other than the fact he’s a lot more comfortable with home DIY, I’d definitely say we take enjoyment out of many of the simple things in life so I was really looking forward to seeing how his and Liz’s wedding at Dovecliff Hall Hotel would unfold.

On arrival at Dovecliff Hall Hotel I was greeted by a combination of three words that’ll definitely feature in my life again in the next two weeks… Pimp Your Prosecco! How can anyone struggle to follow such a tempting demand!

Rewind to the start of the day and a slightly less elaborate, but just as lively Prosecco was free flowing as Liz and her Bridesmaid’s prepared for the big day at the family home.

It was a day completely devoid of stuffiness with plenty of great food, dancing and a little more Prosecco keeping the atmosphere sparking.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from Liz and Aiden’s Dovecliff Hall Hotel wedding that you can also see and share on my Facebook page.

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