Gillian & Berjo’s Cressbrook Hall Wedding Previews

Having returning from their honeymoon in Mauritius it’s a great time to share previews from Gillian and Berjo’s Cressbrook Hall wedding.

With Gillian being from the UK, Berjo from the Netherlands and having got married just several days after the referendum results you can forgive plenty at the wedding making reference to a new lasting European union.

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Gillian and Berjo definitely celebrated their new union with plenty of flags and memorabilia from both countries, making all those that travelled from around Europe feel at home.

Their wedding day took place at Cressbrook Hall, a stunning wedding venue perfectly placed in the Peak District.

With panoramic views of the rolling hills you can understand why Gillian and Berjo had hoped for an outside ceremony. However with showers constantly coming and going it wasn’t meant to be.

The patter of raindrops on the Cressbrook Hall orangery provided an ambient soundtrack for their ceremony. Then with perfect timing moved on to allow guests to enjoy time outside before the wedding reception.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from Gillian and Berjo’s Cressbrook Hall wedding of which you can also see and share on my Facebook Page.

The Rivington Hall Barn Wedding of Michelle & Ben

Today we look back at the brilliant Rivington Hall Barn wedding of Michelle and Ben. A day that despite being threatened by awful weather still came out in shining magnificence, under the stunning ambience of Rivington Hall Barn.

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If you’re looking for a barn-wedding venue in the North West then you have to consider a Rivington Hall Barn wedding. With an impressive beamed roof, magical lighting and beautiful grounds the barn is the perfect location for your wedding.

Michelle and Ben took advantage of this with the exclusive use of the barn for their wedding ceremony and reception.

Michelle’s morning started at her home in Manchester. With her bridesmaids on hand to help Michelle’s preparations the morning went by smoothly. It was then over to Bolton for their Rivington Hall Barn wedding.

Greeting his guests with a few group selfies, Ben set the tone for what proved to be a relaxed and enjoyable day.

Their ceremony was held at the end of a beautifully lit aisle. Under a glistening backdrop Michelle and Ben exchanged vows, witnessed by their friends and family.

With a first kiss as husband and wife celebrations were well underway and all that was left to do was to party with their guests.

Gladly I was with the wedding party into the evening and here are some of my favourite moments of Michelle and Ben’s Rivington Hall Barn wedding.