Naomi & Sebastian’s Eastwood Hall Wedding

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

No day was lost on this day. A day where Naomi and Sebastian danced their way through their Eastwood Hall wedding. A beautiful couple that celebrated to their marriage in way that would rival this weekend’s Nottingham carnival.

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A crescendo of confetti canons and sparklers topped a day of family, friends and faith. Three things that were regularly spoken referred to during their speeches.

The day didn’t start off to badly either, with both houses enjoying a breakfast of champs, a 100m Olympic gold medalist champ to be specific. Hard food to reinforce that this day’s festivities were all about going hard or going home.

The celebrations also made their way into the Photo Pod, with wedding guests enjoying an evening of selfie action.

Here are a preview of some my favourite moments from Naomi and Sebastian’s Eastwood Hall wedding. Which will also be available to see and share on my Facebook Page.

Jo & Anthony’s Wedding at Shottle Hall

What an incredible start to the week, photographing Jo and Anthony’s wedding at Shottle Hall. An amazing couple who along with their three children welcomed in the new chapter of their lives in style and with plenty of passion.

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Their attitude towards their wedding was perfect, not getting too caught up in being hosts and stressing about the minor details. Instead the love that they share as a family was at the forefront and this was made unmistakable throughout the day.

LOVE was not just showcased in the form of four giant letters, but was engrained in every part of their wedding at Shottle Hall, from their beautiful ceremony to the emotional speeches of Charlie, Molly and Anthony. Not leaving one dry eye in Shottle Hall’s orangery.

Here’s a small collection of some of my favourite moments of which will also be available to share from my Facebook page.

Rebecca & Shane’s Packington Moor Wedding Previews

Just about to set off to complete a great weekend of weddings. However before I do I couldn’t wait any longer to share these images from Rebecca and Shane’s Packington Moor wedding.

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The Oat Barn was the perfect settings for their Day at the Races themed Packington Moor wedding and with plenty of betting slips to keep the odds looking promising it wasn’t long before a few guests had a welcomed boost to their bar fund.

Look carefully and you’ll see some cufflinks that fittingly go alongside the aptly named tables, hobby horses and riding helmets. Testaments to Rebecca and Shane’s shared interest. With Rebecca being a keen owner and rider of horses and Shane being an Equine Physiotherapist.

Both Rebecca and Shane finished off their preparations at the Packington Moor cottages before crossing the courtyard for their ceremony in the Oat Barn.

Their Master of Ceremonies got the celebrations well underway with an energetic introduction to each table before welcoming in the newlyweds.

With the atmosphere now buzzing it was over to Mitch who delivered one of the greatest best man speeches, leaving Shane red faced but definitely appreciative.

I’ll also be sharing my favourites from Rebecca and Shane’s Packington Moor wedding on my Facebook page for you to share so keep an eye out.