Rebecca & Shane’s Packington Moor Wedding

A Packington Moor wedding inspired by a day at the races is next up on the blog. Sharing a few more of my favourite images from Rebecca and Shane’s wedding.

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Get involved! Rebecca and Shane’s wedding was not a day for those who like to stand and watch from the sidelines. Nope! Like a good horse meet it was all about getting involved, fast paced and plenty of fun.

Plenty of cheering, eating, drinking, dancing and a few friendly bets added to the amazing atmosphere.

Packington Moor was the perfect venue for such an occasion adding a little bit of rustic charm to day perfectly planned and executed.

Sarah & Peter’s Wedding at Shottle Hall

Shottle Hall has been a regular haunt for me this year, with some great weddings in both the house and their coach house marquee. Photographing Sarah and Peter’s wedding was just that little bit more special as it was my second time celebrating with their family.

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With both Sarah and Peter taking advantage of the stunning suites at Shottle Hall, it was great to spend some time with both of them before their ceremony in the hall.

Following their vows it was no surprise to witness a few innings with most of Peter’s cricket team being amongst the groomsmen and guests.

The setting sun brought an end to the games but the evening of partying was just getting started. Having met Peter on the dance floor of his sister-in-law’s wedding in Spain, I was pleased to see that his footwork was equally impressive off the cricket pitch.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from Sarah and Peter’s Shottle Hall wedding.