Jo & Anthony’s Shottle Hall Wedding

Today I’m sharing some more of my favourite images from Jo and Anthony’s Shottle Hall wedding. With their emotions never far beneath their calm surface it made for some great moments to capture at Derbyshire’s Shottle Hall.

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Before their ceremony I was on hand to photograph the last parts of both Anthony and Jo’s wedding preparations. With their three children present to share these moments, it was clear how much of a family occasion it was going to be.

And it was Charlie, Louis and Molly who started proceedings, paving the way for Jo with her father as she took her slow walk towards the man that within the next few minutes she’d call her husband.

On a day that initially threatened to be grey, it was as if the occasion itself had summoned the clouds to part and in perfect timing as they made their way into the Shottle Hall gardens the sun shone on them as they were showered in confetti.

It was then time for the wedding party to take centre stage, with tributes that left most reaching for the tissues.

From then there was only one thing left to do, and with the band providing an amazing soundtrack there was no hesitation for a big celebration.

Mel & Craig Swancar Farm

Another set of previews to share with you before the week is over. Taking a look at some moments from Mel and Craig’s Swancar Farm wedding.

Mel and Craig’s wedding signals the start of a big year for the couple. With Mel finally starting her long awaited police training, sandwiched between two amazing honeymoons.

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With a couple that like to do things a little differently and how their relationship started with a shared ‘weird’ sense of humor. It was no surprise that their four best men and chief bridesmaids had plenty of entertaining stories to share with their guests.

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing a few more images from Mel and Craig’s wedding at Swancar Farm, but for now here’s a little look at what went down.

Have a great weekend!

Naomi & Tom’s Masa Wedding Preview

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing some amazing moments with Naomi and Tom during their Masa wedding. A day where not only did they declare their love for each other, but also beautifully revealed the gender of their baby to their family.

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With Naomi changing her mind several times on discovering the gender of their baby, but recently deciding that she couldn’t wait any longer, Tom had decided to keep Naomi in the dark along with their friends and family. However with a little bit of imagination all that was about to change.

Unbeknown to Naomi, Tom had filled one of three balloons with confetti, the colour of which would reveal the gender of their bump. During his speech Tom then asked the flower girls to come up and pick a balloon to pop.

Such a great way to end that suspense for Naomi and it made for one of many great moments to photograph.

Here’s a preview of some of my favourite images from Naomi and Tom’s Masa wedding.

Previews from Monika & Chijoke’s Wedding in Windsor

Previews from my last wedding of 2016 are next up on a blog as I travelled down to the South East for Monika and Chijoke’s wedding in Windsor.

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With their wedding taking place just a few days after Christmas, the picturesque town of Windsor was an enchanting location for their wedding.

With views overlooking Windsor Castle, Monika and Chijoke got ready at The Harte & Garter Hotel where they returned for their wedding reception.

And in true royal fashion the couple were married at The Guildhall, surrounded by their friends and family and overlooked by past and present monarchs.

Here’s a small preview of some of my favourite moments from Monika and Chijoke’s wedding in Windsor.