Nadia and Spencer’s Cathedral Quarter Hotel Wedding

Taking a look back to Nadia and Spencer’s wedding at the Cathedral Quarter Hotel today by sharing a few of my favourite images of an Aerospace inspired wedding from a couple who apply their expertise at the famous car and aero-engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce.

Nadia’s day started off at their home in Derby where the preparations were not just limited to hair, makeup and fashion but also in perfecting the timing of the bridesmaid’s entrance at the Cathedral Quarter. It was worthwhile as their steps were perfectly in synch with Johann Pachelbel’s Canon.

But not to be outdone, later that evening Spencer showcased his moves on the dancefloor with a beautiful first dance that left the wedding guests open mouthed.

A great day to be part of, and I’m pleased to be sharing some of my favourite moments of which you can also see and share on my Facebook page.