Natalie and Eli’s Wedding at House Plantation, Texas

Today I get to share the conclusion of my time spent in Houston photographing the celebrations of Natalie and Eli with their plantation house wedding at House Plantation in Hockley, Texas.

If this is your first visit then I have to recommend that you check out the rest of Natalie and Eli’s story starting with their Henna Party and Pre-Wedding Portrait Session

With that shameless self-plug out of the way I’ll get back on track!

Having advised their family and friends to ‘lose the ties’ and ‘unfasten that top button’, Natalie and Eli’s plantation house wedding always promised to be an easygoing affair, but you’d be mistaken if you expected the energy from the previous days celebrations to subside.

Having arrived in Hockley early, the atmosphere at House Plantation was buzzing as the wedding party occupied all available space to prepare for the occasion.  For the ladies, a little bit of pampering, hair and makeup. For the gentlemen, to kick back with a Miller Lite throwback.

With the weather straying from the predictable Texan heat, some last minute changes were made to bring the outside indoors and move their Jewish wedding ceremony into the house under Natalie and Eli’s beautifully decorated floral Chuppah.

With the party mood undeniably taken a firm grasp on everyone the evenings entertainment heated up with plenty of Israeli dancing keeping Natalie and Eli aloft. No sooner had their feet touched the dance floor, sparks flew as Natalie and Eli experienced an amazing send off from their friends and family.

A brilliant few days of photographing Natalie and Eli’s celebrations had come to an end with what was an incredible wedding at House Plantation and as usual here are a few of my favourite moments from their wedding.