Natalie & Tom’s Swancar Farm Wedding Previews

Last weekend it was another beautiful Swancar Farm wedding, photographing Natalie and Tom’s amazing day.

The couple married in church before heading over to Nottinghamshire to continue celebrations at Swancar Farm’s impressive Oak Hall.

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With Greg Jackson on hand to shoot the day with me, it was great to be able to capture so much of Natalie and Tom’s big day.

Later in the evening Snapcandy Photo Booths also joined in the celebrations, bringing along their new sexy RetroPod.

Here are a few of my favourite images from Natalie and Tom’s Swancar Farm wedding. You can also check these out on my Facebook Page.

Mel & Craig Swancar Farm

Another set of previews to share with you before the week is over. Taking a look at some moments from Mel and Craig’s Swancar Farm wedding.

Mel and Craig’s wedding signals the start of a big year for the couple. With Mel finally starting her long awaited police training, sandwiched between two amazing honeymoons.

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With a couple that like to do things a little differently and how their relationship started with a shared ‘weird’ sense of humor. It was no surprise that their four best men and chief bridesmaids had plenty of entertaining stories to share with their guests.

In the coming weeks I’ll be sharing a few more images from Mel and Craig’s wedding at Swancar Farm, but for now here’s a little look at what went down.

Have a great weekend!

Rebecca & Shane’s Packington Moor Wedding

A Packington Moor wedding inspired by a day at the races is next up on the blog. Sharing a few more of my favourite images from Rebecca and Shane’s wedding.

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Get involved! Rebecca and Shane’s wedding was not a day for those who like to stand and watch from the sidelines. Nope! Like a good horse meet it was all about getting involved, fast paced and plenty of fun.

Plenty of cheering, eating, drinking, dancing and a few friendly bets added to the amazing atmosphere.

Packington Moor was the perfect venue for such an occasion adding a little bit of rustic charm to day perfectly planned and executed.

Rebecca & Shane’s Packington Moor Wedding Previews

Just about to set off to complete a great weekend of weddings. However before I do I couldn’t wait any longer to share these images from Rebecca and Shane’s Packington Moor wedding.

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The Oat Barn was the perfect settings for their Day at the Races themed Packington Moor wedding and with plenty of betting slips to keep the odds looking promising it wasn’t long before a few guests had a welcomed boost to their bar fund.

Look carefully and you’ll see some cufflinks that fittingly go alongside the aptly named tables, hobby horses and riding helmets. Testaments to Rebecca and Shane’s shared interest. With Rebecca being a keen owner and rider of horses and Shane being an Equine Physiotherapist.

Both Rebecca and Shane finished off their preparations at the Packington Moor cottages before crossing the courtyard for their ceremony in the Oat Barn.

Their Master of Ceremonies got the celebrations well underway with an energetic introduction to each table before welcoming in the newlyweds.

With the atmosphere now buzzing it was over to Mitch who delivered one of the greatest best man speeches, leaving Shane red faced but definitely appreciative.

I’ll also be sharing my favourites from Rebecca and Shane’s Packington Moor wedding on my Facebook page for you to share so keep an eye out.

The Rivington Hall Barn Wedding of Michelle & Ben

Today we look back at the brilliant Rivington Hall Barn wedding of Michelle and Ben. A day that despite being threatened by awful weather still came out in shining magnificence, under the stunning ambience of Rivington Hall Barn.

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If you’re looking for a barn-wedding venue in the North West then you have to consider a Rivington Hall Barn wedding. With an impressive beamed roof, magical lighting and beautiful grounds the barn is the perfect location for your wedding.

Michelle and Ben took advantage of this with the exclusive use of the barn for their wedding ceremony and reception.

Michelle’s morning started at her home in Manchester. With her bridesmaids on hand to help Michelle’s preparations the morning went by smoothly. It was then over to Bolton for their Rivington Hall Barn wedding.

Greeting his guests with a few group selfies, Ben set the tone for what proved to be a relaxed and enjoyable day.

Their ceremony was held at the end of a beautifully lit aisle. Under a glistening backdrop Michelle and Ben exchanged vows, witnessed by their friends and family.

With a first kiss as husband and wife celebrations were well underway and all that was left to do was to party with their guests.

Gladly I was with the wedding party into the evening and here are some of my favourite moments of Michelle and Ben’s Rivington Hall Barn wedding.