Sarah & Peter’s Wedding at Shottle Hall

Shottle Hall has been a regular haunt for me this year, with some great weddings in both the house and their coach house marquee. Photographing Sarah and Peter’s wedding was just that little bit more special as it was my second time celebrating with their family.

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With both Sarah and Peter taking advantage of the stunning suites at Shottle Hall, it was great to spend some time with both of them before their ceremony in the hall.

Following their vows it was no surprise to witness a few innings with most of Peter’s cricket team being amongst the groomsmen and guests.

The setting sun brought an end to the games but the evening of partying was just getting started. Having met Peter on the dance floor of his sister-in-law’s wedding in Spain, I was pleased to see that his footwork was equally impressive off the cricket pitch.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from Sarah and Peter’s Shottle Hall wedding.

Hannah & Tom’s Shottle Hall Wedding Previews

It was back over to Shottle Hall last weekend for the wedding of Hannah and Tom. A couple that I first met when Tom was best man at Liz and Aiden’s wedding last year.

It was a tough start to the day for Tom, often on the receiving end of the Groomsmen’s banter, as they got ready at his home in Derby.

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Things didn’t get much better with Tom then being the punch line for the vicar’s jokes. Then feeling uncomfortable whilst all eyes were on him as his two best men shared plenty of stories during their speeches.

For Hannah it was a morning of being pampered by her stylist. A glass of Prosecco in hand and celebrating with friends that had travelled from near and far to share her amazing day.

A short preview of Hannah and Tom’s wedding at Shottle Hall, which will also be available to view and share on my Facebook page.

Gillian & Berjo’s Cressbrook Hall Wedding Previews

Having returning from their honeymoon in Mauritius it’s a great time to share previews from Gillian and Berjo’s Cressbrook Hall wedding.

With Gillian being from the UK, Berjo from the Netherlands and having got married just several days after the referendum results you can forgive plenty at the wedding making reference to a new lasting European union.

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Gillian and Berjo definitely celebrated their new union with plenty of flags and memorabilia from both countries, making all those that travelled from around Europe feel at home.

Their wedding day took place at Cressbrook Hall, a stunning wedding venue perfectly placed in the Peak District.

With panoramic views of the rolling hills you can understand why Gillian and Berjo had hoped for an outside ceremony. However with showers constantly coming and going it wasn’t meant to be.

The patter of raindrops on the Cressbrook Hall orangery provided an ambient soundtrack for their ceremony. Then with perfect timing moved on to allow guests to enjoy time outside before the wedding reception.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from Gillian and Berjo’s Cressbrook Hall wedding of which you can also see and share on my Facebook Page.

Sarah & Peter’s Shottle Hall Wedding Previews

Last week I had a brilliant alternative to sitting in my office on a Thursday afternoon. Instead I headed up the road to photograph Sarah and Peter’s brilliant Shottle Hall wedding.

I first met Sarah and Peter at Sarah’s sister’s wedding in Spain last year. They were in the thick of the celebrations and really enjoyed a good party. So when we first started talking about their Shottle Hall wedding I was really excited about having the opportunity to be a part of it.

With having a few photographers in their family, Sarah and Peter were really clear about how they wanted their wedding photography to look. Few formalities were needed with the focus being on natural photography. Clearly I was on board with that so set about adding my angle to their wedding photography.

In the early afternoon it was great to catch up with many familiar faces, first with Peter and his Groomsmen before moving to the front of Shottle Hall to photograph Sarah’s last preparations.

Their ceremony was a pleasure to photograph, with both Sarah and Peter unable to hold back the emotions, causing them both to cry both tears of joy and laughter.

The surprise sunshine was the icing on the cake, with forecasts leading up to their Shottle Hall wedding suggesting heavy rain throughout the afternoon. Thankfully the clouds held back until the evening.

Here are some previews of my favourite moments from Sarah and Peter’s Shottle Hall wedding. You can also see and share these from my Facebook Page in a few days.

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Cally and Norton’s Swancar Farm Wedding Previews

My first wedding at Nottinghamshire’s popular wedding venue Swancar Farm and it was great to be there with Cally and Norton and to photograph the celebrations with their friends and family.

It was a true winter wedding with strong winds blowing across the surrounding farmland so the converted barn and outhouses of Swancar Farm provided welcomed shelter away from the elements.

There are plenty more photos to come but for now here are a few previews of some of my favourite moments of which you can also see and share on my Facebook page.