Nicola and Lee’s Enchanted Woodland Wedding Previews

When I first met Nicola and Lee over a year ago they told me how they had envisioned their wedding at Upper House in Hayfield. Inspired by Nicola’s favourite fantasy books they dreamt of turning Upper House into an enchanted woodland, transporting their guests from the beautiful scenery of Kinder Scout to a setting that Tolkien, Lewis and Martin would have been proud of.

The expertise of Mat Hepplestone from Red Floral Architecture made their vision a reality with the floral designs in the Great Hall exceeding Nicola and Lee’s wildest dreams and leaving their friends and family in awe.

Such a day couldn’t have happened to a lovelier couple and it was great to work with the fantastic wedding suppliers Flossy & Leigh, Eleventh Heaven and Ava Rose Hamilton.

Here’s a few previews of Nicola and Lee’s amazing day at Upper House in Hayfield which you can also see on my Facebook page.

Sarah and Tom’s Calke Abbey Wedding Previews

With an expertise in specialty alcohol, the appreciation for live music and a host of friends and family from around the UK the foundations were set for some amazing celebrations at Calke Abbey for the wedding of Sarah and Tom.

With help from Honeysuckle & Castle, Sarah and Tom designed a wedding that perfectly suited their style, personalities and story and with so much put in it was a pleasure to be a part of.

Sarah, her four sisters and cousin all got ready at Southwood House Farm before heading over to The Riding School at Calke Abbey where the rest of the day’s events would unfold.

You can also see these previews on my Facebook page and I’ll be looking forward to sharing more in the future.

Angela and Ryan’s Wedding Previews

Preview time again and this week I’m sharing some brilliant moments from Angela and Ryan’s wedding at Woodborough Hall in Nottinghamshire.

It was one of those days where everything just seemed to click into place, a true testament to Angela and Ryan’s planning. So from preparations to party it was a pleasure to be the one to photograph their day.

Even better was that Snapcandy Photo Booth was around to capture another great angle of Angela and Ryan’s celebrations at Woodborough Hall with a personalised Photo Booth and instant printing.

So here’s seven previews to wet the appetite with more to come soon.

Jennifer and Peter’s Callow Hall Wedding Previews

It’s a one week anniversary preview today as I share some moments from Jennifer and Peter’s wedding at Callow Hall.

Having kept their eyes firmly on the forecast on the run up to the weekend, Jennifer and Peter were nothing short of thrilled to be able to have the outdoor ceremony they had been planning in Callow Hall’s secret garden.

Maybe not too much of a secret as Jennifer and Peter’s friends and family were perfectly placed to play witness to the beautiful ceremony and then continued their celebrations into the evening.

If you’re a fan of the Facebook then you’ll also be pleased that you can view all of these previews on my Facebook Page.

Mihir and Callum’s Countryside Wedding at Heathy Lea

A slap on the wrist for not posting any weddings in the last few weeks, so to rectify this I’m sharing some of my favourite moments from Mihir and Callum’s Countryside wedding at Heathy Lea in the Peak District.

There’s probably never been such a laid back and informal wedding, with traditional guidelines being relaxed to make sure that one clear objective was met… for everyone to have a fantastic time.

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids were replaced with Best People, the dress code was a fusion of Indian and English attire suitable for the countryside, the Grooms got ready together and their portraits were taken before the ceremony.

Mihir and Callum were escorted down the aisle by both parents, a custom that I’ve become a fan of since working with Jewish and American couples.

On the dance floor there was an unexpected mix of Indian and Israeli dancing with a little bit of twerking to mix it up.

Mihir and Callum’s wedding at Heathy Lea was truly unique and I would be extremely happy if I ever got to photograph anything slightly similar to it in the future.

Here are a few of my favourite images of which you can also see on my Facebook page.

Have a peek at Mihir and Callum’s Luxury Photo Booth experience at Heathy Lea!

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