The Eastwood Hall Wedding of Naomi & Sebastian

Today I’m revisiting one of my favourites from 2016, the amazing couple Naomi and Sebastian enjoying a lively day at Eastwood Hall.

Often at weddings we can get bogged down with the details, making sure everything’s in place, in order and on time. Forgetting that often the greatest moments are in the spontaneous.


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Living life in the moment is the only plan that Naomi and Sebastian followed during their celebrations at the Eastwood Hall making for a great day to be a part of.

The day started with stomach settling breakfasts, leaving my mouth watering and eyes a shade of envious green.

It was then over to the Church for a beautiful ceremony before heading over to Eastwood Hall to continue the party.

Naomi & Sebastian’s Eastwood Hall Wedding

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

No day was lost on this day. A day where Naomi and Sebastian danced their way through their Eastwood Hall wedding. A beautiful couple that celebrated to their marriage in way that would rival this weekend’s Nottingham carnival.

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A crescendo of confetti canons and sparklers topped a day of family, friends and faith. Three things that were regularly spoken referred to during their speeches.

The day didn’t start off to badly either, with both houses enjoying a breakfast of champs, a 100m Olympic gold medalist champ to be specific. Hard food to reinforce that this day’s festivities were all about going hard or going home.

The celebrations also made their way into the Photo Pod, with wedding guests enjoying an evening of selfie action.

Here are a preview of some my favourite moments from Naomi and Sebastian’s Eastwood Hall wedding. Which will also be available to see and share on my Facebook Page.