Previews from Monika & Chijoke’s Wedding in Windsor

Previews from my last wedding of 2016 are next up on a blog as I travelled down to the South East for Monika and Chijoke’s wedding in Windsor.

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With their wedding taking place just a few days after Christmas, the picturesque town of Windsor was an enchanting location for their wedding.

With views overlooking Windsor Castle, Monika and Chijoke got ready at The Harte & Garter Hotel where they returned for their wedding reception.

And in true royal fashion the couple were married at The Guildhall, surrounded by their friends and family and overlooked by past and present monarchs.

Here’s a small preview of some of my favourite moments from Monika and Chijoke’s wedding in Windsor.

Sarah & Jonathan’s Wedding at Hotel ZaZa

Ahhh this was a great one! Wedding photographers will tell you that it’s not about where they get married but who they are and how they do it. Heading out to Houston for a wedding at Hotel ZaZa was obviously a great thing, but more importantly it was getting to photograph this great couple, Sarah and Jonathan. Doing what they do on one of the greatest days of the lives.

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So this is Sarah and Jonathan’s story, however I do want to step in and tell you a little about why this wedding was such a privilege for me to shoot.

I first met Jonathan, aka Booe on my first trip to Houston to photograph Natalie and Eli’s wedding where Booe would be a guest.

Later that year I was celebrating again with Booe, when he flew out to Mexico to officiate Aleece and Tim’s destination wedding.

Our paths would cross one more time at Kathleen and Todd’s destination wedding in Turks and Caicos. When at this point I was chilling in the pool when he introduced me to his fantastic fiancé Sarah.

Having photographed Booe in plenty of other roles at other weddings I was thrilled when they asked me to be part of their own day.

And what a day it was!

A day that was so entertaining and so relaxed that it started with golf and beer, Mimosa’s and Muu-Muus!

It was all about having fun. You’ll struggle to find a picture where there’s not a broad smile. With Sarah even playing a little trick on Jonathan when they exchanged gifts.

Following their ceremony it was all about the party, with the soundtrack provided by an awesome show band. With some amazing first dances it was clear that nothing was to be left on the dance floor.

During a pit stop from the dancing I was introduced to my new happy place, a land of chicken and waffles. Chicken and waffles! A place I’ll be keen to go back again real soon!

As expected the Sarah and Jonathan’s evening didn’t smoothly glide to an end. Instead their exit was all guns blazing. Well confetti cannons at least!

Here are a few of my favourites from Sarah and Jonathan’s wedding at Hotel ZaZa. You can also see and share these on my Facebook page.

Naomi & Sebastian’s Eastwood Hall Wedding

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

No day was lost on this day. A day where Naomi and Sebastian danced their way through their Eastwood Hall wedding. A beautiful couple that celebrated to their marriage in way that would rival this weekend’s Nottingham carnival.

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A crescendo of confetti canons and sparklers topped a day of family, friends and faith. Three things that were regularly spoken referred to during their speeches.

The day didn’t start off to badly either, with both houses enjoying a breakfast of champs, a 100m Olympic gold medalist champ to be specific. Hard food to reinforce that this day’s festivities were all about going hard or going home.

The celebrations also made their way into the Photo Pod, with wedding guests enjoying an evening of selfie action.

Here are a preview of some my favourite moments from Naomi and Sebastian’s Eastwood Hall wedding. Which will also be available to see and share on my Facebook Page.

Sarah & Jonathan’s Wedding at Hotel Zaza Previews

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of flying to Houston to photograph Sarah and Jonathan’s wedding at Hotel Zaza. I first met Jonathan during my first visit to Houston. Since then our paths have crossed a few times. Jonathan’s been a guest at several weddings and also officiated Aleece and Tim’s destination wedding.

When we last met in the Turks & Caicos Islands, Jonathan introduced Chloe and I to his fantastic Fiancé Sarah. I was truly honoured when Sarah asked if I would be available to photograph their wedding at Hotel Zaza.

Since returning from the Caribbean, we’ve kept in touch through FaceTime and Instagram. With regular catch up’s with Sarah about their wedding plans I was very excited to be part of their day and as you’ll see from these previews it really did live up to expectations.


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With guests coming in from all over the US, Sarah and Jonathan hosted a weekend of events. Starting with a pampering session for the Bridesmaids and ending in their wedding at Hotel Zaza.

On the morning of their wedding Jonathan took the men over to Top Golf for some friendly competition. After plenty of swings and a few too many misses later it was then back to prepare for his wedding at Hotel Zaza.

Coordinated by Lauren Ehly Events the day was flawless. From getting ready in the amazing suites at Hotel Zaza, to their wedding reception in the ballroom. Guests were entertained by an amazing showband and the famous southern hospitality was evident with an exquisite menu.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from Sarah and Jonathan’s wedding at Hotel Zaza. These will also be available to see and share on my Facebook page in a couple of days.

Sarah & Peter’s Shottle Hall Wedding Previews

Last week I had a brilliant alternative to sitting in my office on a Thursday afternoon. Instead I headed up the road to photograph Sarah and Peter’s brilliant Shottle Hall wedding.

I first met Sarah and Peter at Sarah’s sister’s wedding in Spain last year. They were in the thick of the celebrations and really enjoyed a good party. So when we first started talking about their Shottle Hall wedding I was really excited about having the opportunity to be a part of it.

With having a few photographers in their family, Sarah and Peter were really clear about how they wanted their wedding photography to look. Few formalities were needed with the focus being on natural photography. Clearly I was on board with that so set about adding my angle to their wedding photography.

In the early afternoon it was great to catch up with many familiar faces, first with Peter and his Groomsmen before moving to the front of Shottle Hall to photograph Sarah’s last preparations.

Their ceremony was a pleasure to photograph, with both Sarah and Peter unable to hold back the emotions, causing them both to cry both tears of joy and laughter.

The surprise sunshine was the icing on the cake, with forecasts leading up to their Shottle Hall wedding suggesting heavy rain throughout the afternoon. Thankfully the clouds held back until the evening.

Here are some previews of my favourite moments from Sarah and Peter’s Shottle Hall wedding. You can also see and share these from my Facebook Page in a few days.

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