Anna & David’s Banking Hall Wedding Previews

Oh yes! Finally it’s time to share a few of my favourite moments from Anna & David’s Banking Hall Wedding. With a fantastic couple, a stunning venue and with so much action it’s been hard to strip it down to just a few but here goes!

These few images start from Anna’s preparation at the Threadneedles Hotel and then over to Banking Hall for their Jewish wedding ceremony and reception.

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And it was just the way I like it, with very few formalities it was great to work alongside Adam Wing Films to capture all the spontaneous moments.

With a planeload of guests making the journey from Israel, the level of crazy was taken up just a few notches. Anna and David rose to the challenge and we paid witness to some of the most daring Israeli dancing.

Thankfully things didn’t calm down much I was with the couple through the night to photograph their brilliant Banking Hall wedding.

You can also see and share these previews of Anna and David’s Jewish wedding on my Facebook page.

Previews from Monika & Chijoke’s Wedding in Windsor

Previews from my last wedding of 2016 are next up on a blog as I travelled down to the South East for Monika and Chijoke’s wedding in Windsor.

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With their wedding taking place just a few days after Christmas, the picturesque town of Windsor was an enchanting location for their wedding.

With views overlooking Windsor Castle, Monika and Chijoke got ready at The Harte & Garter Hotel where they returned for their wedding reception.

And in true royal fashion the couple were married at The Guildhall, surrounded by their friends and family and overlooked by past and present monarchs.

Here’s a small preview of some of my favourite moments from Monika and Chijoke’s wedding in Windsor.

Laura and Tim’s Wedding at Layer Marney Tower

I do love to dance and one thing that is definitely on my bucket list it to be involved in a big and impressive flash mob, ideally to a Michael Jackson classic. So when they do come about at weddings I have to admit I’m always a little envious and during Laura and Tim’s Robin Thicke inspired first dance the line between photographer and guest got a little blurred and I had to fight the urge to put down the camera and join in.

With Laura being a personal trainer and Tim a triathlon athlete it was to be expected that their wedding at Layer Marney Tower in Essex would have something active in it and it was great to see all their friends and family get involved in the action too.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from Laura and Tim’s wedding at Layer Marney Tower of which you can also see and share on my Facebook Page.

Nicola and Simon’s Wedding at Andaz, London

Sharing few of my favourite moments from another wedding where I’ve found it pretty difficult to leave the dance floor. During Nicola and Simon’s wedding at Andaz London it wasn’t just the great entertainment from the incredible super group The Soul Education they kept me under the disco ball but being physically engulfed by Nicola and Simon’s friends and family as they welcomed Nicola and Simon’s marriage with some pretty intense Israeli dancing. Don’t mistake that for a complaint though as there’s no place I’d rather be and it made for some amazing moments to photograph.

A few hours earlier it was more than a few levels calmer with an introduction to the wedding party who were getting ready at the Andaz Hotel on Liverpool Street before making the short journey to Bevis Marks, the oldest synagogue in the UK.

Get sucked up in the rush of the city and you’ll easily walk past the synagogue that is nestled in between its neighbouring contemporary buildings.

After Nicola and Simon’s intimate candlelit ceremony it was back to Andaz for the wedding reception where the pace instantly picked up.

Here are a few of favourite images of which you can also see and share on my Facebook page.

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Laura and Tim’s Layer Marney Tower Wedding Previews

A few weddings to preview today, both containing some pretty smooth moves on the dance floor! So to start the ball rolling here are some previews from the Layer Marney Tower wedding of Laura and Tim, where a creatively choreographed first dance and a surprise flash mob were some of the highlights of their day.

So my day started with a little tour of Colchester starting at the Crowne Plaza in Five Lakes for Laura’s preparations with her Bridesmaids and family before moving over to Layer Marney to catch up with Tim before the Church ceremony and then their wedding reception at the tower.

Here are a few previews of Laura and Tim’s wedding at Layer Marney Tower of which you can also see and share on my Facebook Page.