Alex & Nicky’s Morley Hayes Wedding Album

A few images of Nicky and Alex’s Morley Hayes wedding album, designed using their favourite photos from their spring wedding in Derbyshire.

Nicky and Alex chose a modern square album finished in a stunning leather cover, personalised with their names and presented in a stylish presentation box.

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Nicky & Alex’s Morley Hayes Wedding

The website has been getting a little refresh so it’s been a while since anything hit the blog, so today it’s great to be back on it with these favourite images from Nicky and Alex’s Morley Hayes wedding.

It was as much of a special day for the family as it was for Nicky and Alex, with their daughter Paige having an important role within the wedding party. So in the early afternoon I joined Nicky and Paige for their final preparations at the hotel before their Morley Hayes wedding ceremony.

Following the ceremony it was upstairs to continue the celebrations, where Nicky showcased her eye for design with some beautifully dressed wedding tables.

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Nicky and Alex’s Wedding Previews

Last weekend I photographed Nicky and Alex’s wedding at Morley Hayes in Derbyshire and having known them for some time now it was an occasion I was looking forward to be being a part of.

After spending a little bit of time with Alex and his Groomsmen at the bar I headed over to Morley Hayes Hotel to photograph Nicky’s preparations. Joined by her daughter Paige, Flower Girl, Paige Boy and three Bridesmaids it was a room full of energy and enjoyment.

I’ll be sharing more details and photos from Nicky and Alex’s wedding in the coming weeks but for now here’s a preview of some of my favourite images of which you can also see and share on my Facebook page.

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Abby and James’ Wedding at Morley Hayes

2014 is a big year for Abby and James! Having moved back to the UK after living in Australia for several years the next stage of their lives together was just about to begin and I was on hand to capture the special day where it all began.

I should imagine that having only just returned from a country that appears to be enjoying an endless summer, Abby and James have probably had to get used to one of the first questions they get asked referring to the English weather.  This trend continued with a tremendous amount of rainfall brought parts of Derbyshire to a standstill on the day of their Morley Hayes wedding.

Abby and James had definitely adopted the famous laid back Aussie approach and like dirt of their shoulder brushed off the bad English weather.

Beautiful preparations, an emotional ceremony and an energetic reception proved my forecast for brilliant moments to be accurate and here are a few to share of which you can also see on my Facebook page.