Rebecca & Simon’s Carbis Bay Wedding Previews

Last week I travelled down to Cornwall, one of my favourite parts of the UK to photograph Rebecca and Simon’s Carbis Bay wedding.

Rebecca and Simon are both from the landlocked midlands but had always dreamed of having a beach wedding. So when they started their venue search they were delighted to find The Carbis Bay Hotel.

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Having recently passed their motorcycle test they also got to tick another item of the to-do list. Travelling around the Cornish coast on their His & Hers Harley Davidson’s.

Their Harley’s also made an appearance at the wedding, complete with their two British Bulldogs Henry and Bruce.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from their Carbis Bay wedding of which you can also see and share on my Facebook Page.

Naomi & Tom’s Masa Wedding Preview

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing some amazing moments with Naomi and Tom during their Masa wedding. A day where not only did they declare their love for each other, but also beautifully revealed the gender of their baby to their family.

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With Naomi changing her mind several times on discovering the gender of their baby, but recently deciding that she couldn’t wait any longer, Tom had decided to keep Naomi in the dark along with their friends and family. However with a little bit of imagination all that was about to change.

Unbeknown to Naomi, Tom had filled one of three balloons with confetti, the colour of which would reveal the gender of their bump. During his speech Tom then asked the flower girls to come up and pick a balloon to pop.

Such a great way to end that suspense for Naomi and it made for one of many great moments to photograph.

Here’s a preview of some of my favourite images from Naomi and Tom’s Masa wedding.

Sian and Mike’s Wedding at Damson MediaCityUK

When a Liverpudlian Bride and a Mancunian Groom get married it’s definitely a wedding day where you could expect music to be high up on the agenda. For Sian and Mike this was definitely the case and then with a healthy portion of great food and an appreciation for fashion their wedding at Damson in Manchester’s MediaCityUK was a brilliant occasion to photograph.

Having already completed the legal part of their marriage in Manchester the day before, friends and family poured into MediaCityUK from around the North West for Sian and Mike’s Sunday blessing at Damson Restaurant.

Even with Monday morning just a few hours away there were no excuses being made and the celebrations went on late into the night. Here are a few of my favourite moments from Sian and Mike’s Damson Restaurant MediaCityUK wedding of which you can also see and share on my Facebook page.

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Sian and Mike’s Damson Wedding Previews

Now I have some great moments to share with you from Sian and Mike’s stylish wedding at Damson in Manchester’s MediaCityUK.

With a passion for live music, food and fashion everything was set up for a fantastic wedding and Sian and Mike’s wedding at Damson definitely left their guests with plenty to talk about in the office on Monday.

So they day went a little like this: meet up for drinks, portraits, blessing, party… party… and party a little more, so any chance of their friends and family having a Sunday wind-down before the start of the week was completely and thankfully put aside.

Snapcandy’s new Photopod was also in on the celebrations and you can see some of those images coming to the Snapcandy Photo Booth blog later today.

A few of my favourite moments are above and as usual these are also available on my Facebook page.

Emma and Matt’s Masa Wedding

A lot of people would grimace at the thought of downing a tequila shot, regurgitating cloudy memories of times spent under the influence of such a small but mighty thing. For Emma and Matt though, tequila is where their story started and is partly responsible for who and where they are today, a cool couple with a beautiful little family, so it was fitting to see them pay tribute to their tiny little Mexican friend at their Masa wedding.

With an opening paragraph like that you’ll not be surprised to hear that Emma and Matt opted to keep the formalities to a minimum and planned for a laid back afternoon at Masa.

Here are a few of my favourite moments of which you can also see on my Facebook page.