Hannah & Tom’s Shottle Hall Wedding

I always enjoy sharing my favourite images from a Shottle Hall wedding, especially when the wedding is as great as Hannah and Tom’s.

I first met the couple when Tom was carrying out his best man duties during Liz and Aiden’s wedding. Over a year later and all eyes were on Tom when he married the beautiful Hannah at St. Edmunds in Allestree before the short journey over to Shottle.

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Aiden returned the favour by becoming one half of Tom’s best man team. The double ammunition providing plenty of nervous moments for his just wed best friend.

It was no surprise that Hannah and Tom’s guests came ready to party and the celebrations went on until the early hours.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from Hannah and Tom’s wedding at Shottle Hall.

Jo & Anthony’s Shottle Hall Wedding

Today I’m sharing some more of my favourite images from Jo and Anthony’s Shottle Hall wedding. With their emotions never far beneath their calm surface it made for some great moments to capture at Derbyshire’s Shottle Hall.

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Before their ceremony I was on hand to photograph the last parts of both Anthony and Jo’s wedding preparations. With their three children present to share these moments, it was clear how much of a family occasion it was going to be.

And it was Charlie, Louis and Molly who started proceedings, paving the way for Jo with her father as she took her slow walk towards the man that within the next few minutes she’d call her husband.

On a day that initially threatened to be grey, it was as if the occasion itself had summoned the clouds to part and in perfect timing as they made their way into the Shottle Hall gardens the sun shone on them as they were showered in confetti.

It was then time for the wedding party to take centre stage, with tributes that left most reaching for the tissues.

From then there was only one thing left to do, and with the band providing an amazing soundtrack there was no hesitation for a big celebration.

Sarah & Peter’s Wedding at Shottle Hall

Shottle Hall has been a regular haunt for me this year, with some great weddings in both the house and their coach house marquee. Photographing Sarah and Peter’s wedding was just that little bit more special as it was my second time celebrating with their family.

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With both Sarah and Peter taking advantage of the stunning suites at Shottle Hall, it was great to spend some time with both of them before their ceremony in the hall.

Following their vows it was no surprise to witness a few innings with most of Peter’s cricket team being amongst the groomsmen and guests.

The setting sun brought an end to the games but the evening of partying was just getting started. Having met Peter on the dance floor of his sister-in-law’s wedding in Spain, I was pleased to see that his footwork was equally impressive off the cricket pitch.

Here are a few of my favourite moments from Sarah and Peter’s Shottle Hall wedding.

Hannah & Tom’s Shottle Hall Wedding Previews

It was back over to Shottle Hall last weekend for the wedding of Hannah and Tom. A couple that I first met when Tom was best man at Liz and Aiden’s wedding last year.

It was a tough start to the day for Tom, often on the receiving end of the Groomsmen’s banter, as they got ready at his home in Derby.

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Things didn’t get much better with Tom then being the punch line for the vicar’s jokes. Then feeling uncomfortable whilst all eyes were on him as his two best men shared plenty of stories during their speeches.

For Hannah it was a morning of being pampered by her stylist. A glass of Prosecco in hand and celebrating with friends that had travelled from near and far to share her amazing day.

A short preview of Hannah and Tom’s wedding at Shottle Hall, which will also be available to view and share on my Facebook page.

Jo & Anthony’s Wedding at Shottle Hall

What an incredible start to the week, photographing Jo and Anthony’s wedding at Shottle Hall. An amazing couple who along with their three children welcomed in the new chapter of their lives in style and with plenty of passion.

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Their attitude towards their wedding was perfect, not getting too caught up in being hosts and stressing about the minor details. Instead the love that they share as a family was at the forefront and this was made unmistakable throughout the day.

LOVE was not just showcased in the form of four giant letters, but was engrained in every part of their wedding at Shottle Hall, from their beautiful ceremony to the emotional speeches of Charlie, Molly and Anthony. Not leaving one dry eye in Shottle Hall’s orangery.

Here’s a small collection of some of my favourite moments of which will also be available to share from my Facebook page.